Organizational Profile

StreetMade Records was a dream; the initiation into reality became official on the 5th of January 2015. It was an early testimony of the year as soon much had been sacrificed to stay focussed on this path. The company was founded by Emeka Bernard Ezennia (Pablo) with a mission of pursuing creativity in Music and Fashion and a vision of being the best amongst the rest. There was no space for second place in the world of Pablo as the strife for perfection had always been the only constant thing on his mind.

StreetMade Records is an epitome of a mustard seed. As the name defines, StreetMade is all about the street, because the street is where the daily struggles of life can be vividly seen. In the streets you have to fight to survive, to keep your head up and make something out of nothing. Only a few are able to make it out of the street and aim at the Wall Street.

StreetMade Records pursuit of creativity in music and fashion can best be described as a revolutionary company. With the continued changes in styles of music and fashion, the company intend going deeper to root out the best amongst the rest.

Our vision is to be the best when it comes to creativity in Music and Fashion and we shall get there, we might start as the mustard seed but with continues nurture of our dreams, we shall blossom and shine for the whole world to see.

Mission Statement
Talent and Skills recruitment is our top most priority therefore, as a growing music production firm with great experience in music production and media analysis, we have carefully surveyed and now fully understand the rules governing the music industry. We believe in the nurture of talents to help Ghana Music industry attain global recognition. StreetMade Record’s sole mission amongst others is to give hope to upcoming and old artistes who need a medium to discover or exploit their God-given talent regardless of their background whether educated or not.

We give faith to those who have been neglected and looked down upon in the industry; hence the name StreetMade Records.

Organizational Structure
  •  Board of Directors
  • Shareholders
  • Marketing Management Team
  • Accounts
  • Human Resource
  • Operations Management
  • Legal Team
  • Production Team
  • Public Relations/Media team
Corporate Social Responsibility

Medical Assistance to rural areas in Ghana by providing first aid kits for basic medical needs especially the northern part of the country.

Goals and Objectives
  • It is our goal to help create “something out of nothing” simply by helping to fulfill goals, dreams and ambitions by expanding our territories.
  • We are focused towards assisting artistes and being one of the top notch music company in Ghana and beyond by 2025.
  • We primarily pride ourselves as a support movement to help old and new artistes to achieve a greater goal.
  • To be a trendsetter to pave way for the industry towards global recognition.